Rough and Ready Creek is located between Cave Junction and O'Brien, Oregon on Redwood Hwy, 199

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April 2021

western buttercup

We went for a walk the other night and found that there are sparce flowers this year due to lack of rain at the proper time. The ones that were blooming were very tiny as you can see.

Here is a Manzanita bush in full bloom on the path
deltoid balsamroot

Spreading Phlox

menzies larkspur/




Fall is in the air/Nov. 2015

Pretty Skies 6/27/15


Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside

March Wildflowers show

April Wildlfowers show

May Wildflowers show

June Wildflowers show

July Wildflowers

New winter shots in December 2020 by JP Ekwall

Wind Damage Feb/Mar 2020

Wild Winter Storm Feb. 6, 2015

After the storm Jan. 18, 2015

Rainbow at Rough and Ready Creek, Oct. 2014

Smokey Days in Josephine Co, July 2013

Buckskin Fire Info and photos

(photographs from 6/12/15- 6/23/15 on at link here
PAGE 2 PHOTOS 6/23/15 Page 3 PHOTOS 6/28/15)

Rough and Ready Creek Botanical Wayside stormy days

Rough and Ready Creek Botanical Flat with winter dressings

Rough and Ready Creek Botanical Wayside trail


Flower Index and Blooming Times

Here is a link to a much more extensive list of Flowering Plants
of the Rough and Ready watershed on

Rough and Ready Creek

Rough and Ready Creek Botanical Wayside trail

sunset at Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside


Sunset at Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside/flat

Rough and Ready Creek, Oregon

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